Pawfect Ladies


Fiona is a perfect lady (and she knows it!). Always prim and proper, she is gentle and polite by nature. Her favorite toys are soft ducks with squeakers. She is patient with our cats and adores our son. She is a wonderful mom. Though her puppies are absolutely pawfect, her third and last litter was her summer 2023 astronauts. She will then be promoted to “Big Mama”. We want her to be able to enjoy being our spoiled princess without the stresses of pregnancy and nursing. She will certainly continue to bring our family love and joy.

Fiona is a apricot creame moyen F1 goldendoodle, born on June 27, 2018. Her pre-pregnancy adult weight is 47 pounds with a slender build.

Jasmine (Jazzy)

Jasmine is our energetic middle fur child. She is a happy-go-lucky girl. Jasmine is higher energy than Fiona so they make a great pair. She is always enthusiastic and loves our son, cats, as well as other dogs and people. Her favorite toys are balls or anything with squeakers.

Her pre-pregnancy adult weight is just under 40 pounds. Jasmine is a tan poodle and was born December 10, 2020. Her first litter was born March 29th! She is a sweet and attentive mama!

Eleanor (Ellie)

Ellie is our youngest and largest lady. She likes to play jokes with us and loves to work. Ellie is silly; she likes to start a wrestling match with her sisters and then break it up when she thinks they are playing too rough. She has shown a strong predisposition to being sensitive to how her people feel, so we have begun training her as a medical alert dog for Ruth. Ellie is officially a Service Dog in Training (SDiT). Her favorite toy is a pink hedgehog (don’t tell her she has several that we rotate when one gets too dirty!).

It will be at least mid to late 2024 before we can evaluate Ellie for breeding. Until then, she is a wonderful aunt and companion. She is a black and white parti F1B standard goldendoodle and was born January 21, 2022. She currently weighs about 55 – 60 pounds, and may grow a little bit more.