Pricing and Process

Our Process

The first step to adding a pawfect doodle to your family is to fill out a puppy application.

We will review your application and if approved, contact you for a video call. During the call we will discuss your application and any followup questions. If we currently have puppies in our home, we will introduce you to the puppy(ies) that we feel may fit your family.

If all parties are in agreement, you will need to then place a $300 non-refundable deposit to reserve your puppy. The remaining payment will be due at or before puppy pickup.

After we receive your deposit, we will send you our contract and ask that you return it completed before puppy pickup.

After deposit and reservation, we will discuss puppy pick timing as well as any pickup arrangements.

At pickup we will send all vet and registration paperwork with the puppy as well as some food, a snuggle puppy with a bandana that smells like mom, and some toys that smell like the litter. We also offer additional supplies for those traveling.


Our prices are set based upon the current economy in such a way that we are able to donate at least one puppy per litter (temperament dependent) into a service or therapy program.

We donated one puppy from Fiona x Kobe December 2021 litter and two puppies from Fiona x Kobe July 2022 Paw Patrol litter. From the Jasmine x Kobe Pup Academy March 2023 litter we donated one puppy.

We have future service puppy spots reserved for our planned litters, but are always open to meeting with new program partners – contact us for more information about our puppies in service.

We also offer discounts to educators, first responders, and military. This discount does apply to current and retired members, and documentation is required. Please include this information in your application.

All prices below include the deposit. The deposit is $300 for all litters and is required for all reservation and waitlist spots. The remaining fee is due at or before time of pickup. Travel and delivery fees for outside our local area are extra, and will be discussed as needed during the application process. Please see our currently available page for specific puppy availability.

Current Litters:

Astronaut Litter:
Fiona x Kobe – born June 11, 2023. $2300. This is Fiona’s third and final litter of apricot creme moyen goldendoodle. She will then retire to “Big Mama” duties. Their coats will be minimal to no shedding, wavy to curly, with cream and apricot colors. They will be 45 – 60 lbs full grown.

Planned Litters:

Fruit Litter:
Jasmine x Kobe? – Spring 2024. $2800. This will be Jasmine’s second litter of apricot creme and red moyen goldendoodle. The colors we expect are lots of abstract red with some tan and cream puppies. They will have wavy to curly non-shedding coats. They will be 35 – 55 lbs full grown.

Tea Litter:
Ellie x Kobe? –
Fall 2024. $2800. This will be Ellie’s first litter of small standard goldendoodles. This will be a colorful litter! We expect a range of cream, tan, red, and black. Many will have parti and abstract markings. They will have wavy to curly non-shedding coats. They will be 55 – 75 lbs full grown.