Pawfect Gents


Kobe is a happy-go-lucky goldendoodle who loves company. To him, there are only two types of people and dogs; friends, and friends he hasn’t met yet. He has passed his good citizen test and has excellent marks from his trainer, vet, and groomer.

He has a wonderful temperament and has sired 4 of our litters. All his puppies have been healthy with great personalities.

3 of his puppies have successfully completed service and/or therapy programs, and we couldn’t be more proud. He currently has 3 more puppies awaiting program evaluation.

Kobe is an apricot F1BB goldendoodle, born on April 1, 2020. He weighs 55 pounds.

Kobe is available for stud services contact us for more information.
He is clear of genetic tests and below are his Wisdom Panel trait results:

Ear: CC
Base Pigment: B/B
Coat: TT TT
Coat Color Main: at/at e/e KB/ky Kbr/ky l/wt
Coat Color Subtypes: at/at m/m h/h S/sp
Leg: D/D