Our Pawfect Puppies

Kyler getting some puppy snuggles before Houdini went to his service placement. Houdini is one of the boys from Fiona and Kobe’s 2021 litter.

Available Puppies:

We are accepting applications for both Jasmine’s and Fiona’s 2023 litters.

Jasmine’s Pup Academy Litter.

Born March 29th 2023. Visit our facebook page for regular updates!

About ALL litterS:

We are located in Raleigh, NC and do have delivery options.

The puppies will be ready to go after they have first set of shots and vet check – about 8 weeks old.

Both parents have clear health and genetic testing.

We also do ens/esi and temperament testing as well as begin house, obedience, and potty box training.

We introduce grooming with baths, slicker brush, comb, nail trims, dryer, and scissors/clippers as needed.

They also experience typical house sights, sounds, and smells like a vacuum, cooking in the kitchen, ice dispenser, tv, doorbell, etc.

Using age appropriate techniques, the puppies are socialized daily with the whole family (Kerry, Ruth, Kyler, other dogs, cats).

Using strict hygiene and disease prevention procedures, the puppies are also introduced to a variety of people, sights, sounds, and smells when age appropriate.

They are part of our family until they go to their furever home.

Past Puppies:

Fiona and Kobe’s July 2022 PawPatrol Litter

Fiona and Kobe’s December 2021 Litter

Fiona gave birth to 5 boys and 1 girl on December 21, 2021.

This litter is a F2BB generation. Fiona is a cream F1 goldendoodle and Kobe is an apricot F1BB goldendoodle.

Fiona has a soft wavy/curly non-shedding coat. Kobe has a curly non-shedding coat.

We expect these puppies to have wavy to curly non-shedding coats and weigh 40 – 60 lbs when fully grown.

They have all gone to their furever homes. We can’t wait to see how they grow!

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