Welcome to Our Doodle Family

Our doodle family is located in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. We currently have two family goldendoodles: Fiona and Jasmine. We also have three cats: Jack, Rocky, and Hercules. Our girls have brought so much joy to our family that we want to share their love.

Overall health and genetic fitness is priority for our puppies. Our lovely ladies passed genetic and health testing prior to breeding. Additionally, we have their health assessed before and after each litter.

We believe that puppies raised underfoot with appropriate socialization help prime the puppies to become pawfect doodle family members. In order to achieve this, we raise all puppies in our home. We handle all puppies regularly. Further, we introduce all puppies to children and other pets when they reach an appropriate age. We also begin temperament training and testing. This early socialization will help start the puppies on their path to becoming great family pets.

We only place our puppies in homes that can guarantee that the puppy will grow in a home where they will:
– become a family member
– be an inside dog
– have regular vet checkups and care as needed
– receive gentle training
– not be left alone for extended periods regularly (longer than 6 hours or so daily)
– attend training and socialization classes as needed
– be returned to us if circumstances change and the dog can no longer be cared for as described above.

If you believe your home would be a good candidate, please contact us for an application here.

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